Village Of Stockbridge



Picked up bi-weekly on Thursday

2024 Collections Calendar

Acceptable materials include; Boxboard, Corrugated cardboard, Mixed paper, Metal cans and aluminum, Plastic bottles, jugs tubs, and containers, Clear and colored glass bottles and containers.

All materials can be placed in your Curby Recycler together. Please make sure containers are rinsed clean and break down and flatten boxboard and cardboard.

Unacceptable materials include; Aerosol cans, Appliances, Disposable coffee cups, Hangers, Household scrap metal, Paint cans, Plastic retail or grocery bags, Refrigerator or freezer boxes, including beverage cases, Rubber, String and/or twine, Stickers and/or sticky notes, Styrofoam, Toys, Wax- or foil-coated boxes and cartons.

Please use your Granger supplied recycling cart with the yellow top.

Special Refuse Problems

Any problems or complaints arising from material  (yard waste, trash, or recycling) not being picked up should be called to the attention of Granger at (517) 372-2800 or