Village Of Stockbridge

Trash Collection

Trash Collection

Picked up weekly on Thursdays
2024 Collection Calendar

Curby carts must be accessible from the street by 7:00am; snow, automobiles, and other obstacles must be cleared. Carts are not to be loaded with more than 200 lbs. and are not to be left at the curb for longer than 24 hours.

Carts should have lids closed; long items such as, broom handles, curtain rods, etc., may be placed on the ground beside your cart. Loose materials like kitty litter, animal waste, sawdust, ashes, insulation and packing peanuts should be bagged.


Residents are allowed one bulk item a month.

Curby carts and bags are for disposal of household waste only.

Unacceptable materials for disposal include; Asbestos, Beverage containers with a deposit, Electronics, Fluorescent light bulbs and tubes, Hazardous waste, Lead acid batteries, Liquid waste, Medical waste, Oil (cooking, motor, etc.), Radioactive waste, Septage/sewage, Whole motor vehicle tires, Yard clippings, Construction debris, Wood, Sod and/or Dirt.

Granger will not remove garbage from evictions, move-outs, or clean-outs unless a special pick-up is requested through Granger. If you would like to discuss a special pick-up with granger you can call their customer service line at (517) 372-2800.

For more information on waste services provided by Granger visit their web site at

Special Refuse Problems

Any problems or complaints arising from material  (yard waste, trash, or recycling) not being picked up should be called to the attention of Granger at (517) 372-2800 or

Garbage Quarterly Rates

The granger contract is renewed on June 01, of each year.  We are cuntly heading into               year 3 of a 5 Year Contract.

Contract terms

                Garbage Quarterly Rates increase 5% each year.

                                June 01, 2024. $69.78

                                June 01, 2025. $73.29

                                June 01,2026.  $76.95

If you have questions about your water bill, please contact the Village Office at 517-851-7435 during business hours.